Who we are

We are a HUMAN TEAM with more than one hundred people passionate about the world of olives and pickles.

A FAMILY BUSINESS specialized on the usual artisan recipes, but committed to INNOVATION, aware of RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT and committed as well to the use of SUSTAINABLE resources and materials.

FAROLIVA is a company specialized on production, ditribution and sale of table olives and pickles, with a wide experience in its sector of more than half a century.

Together with a careful selection of raw materials of the highest quality, traditional taste and artisanal elaboration are the two great pillars which have driven a family business as Faroliva to become a reference in the national and international scope.

  • More than 50 years carrying olives and pickles to tables all around the world.
  • Production plants and own facilities of more than 25.000 m2
  • Production capacity form more than 30.000 yearly tons
  • More than 800 different items.
  • Consolidated sales in more than 40 countries.

Are we able to produce healthier olives?

One of the main objectives set to ourselves at the beginning of the century was to make available to consumers products increasingly healthy and beneficial for their health.

To do this, and being faithful to the traditional taste of our products and respecting our production processes, our master craftsmen have been adjusting many recipes in order to reduce their salt content.

The result of this project is that the products which are currently our best sellers, together with our  new launches, are PRODUCTS WITH REDUCED SALT CONTENT.

"The main requirement to grant the quality of our offer is to supply us with raw materials of the highest quality"

90 years of El Faro

Among the different brands managed by Faroliva, “El Faro” is without any doubt its main asset, a brand with 85 years of life, of great popularity in Spain and known worldwide.

The brand El Faro is currently commercialized in the main national distribution chains (Carrefour, Alcampo, El Corte Inglés, DIA%, etc.) and on the shelves of more than 40 countries (USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Russia, Finland, Belgium, Brazil, Ireland, Holland, Uruguay, Morocco, Portugal, Poland, etc.)


Tradition and innovation

More than five decades dedicated to the production of olives and pickles are our best guarantee to customers and consumers.

Along these decades we have kept faithful to the production processes of traditional pickles, while we have incorporated the most modern technology available in the market to take full advantage of industrialization, which has allowed us to make the usual products available to the consumer but with guarantees of safety and maximum quality standards.

Raw materials

Choosing the right ingredients to elaborate the recipes is decisive to achieve tasty and quality products.

Faroliva has decades of experience analyzing and monitoring the state of the harvests throughout the year in order to incorporate the fruits into the production process at the optimum time.

Natural processes

After this labor, Faroliva experts in the care of the fruit continue with the subsequent treatment and care of the ingredients, exclusively through natural processes, until the moment of being packaged.

Thanks to the inclusion of the most modern technology, our production capacity in this last stage of the process is around more than 30 million kg per year.


The company’s R&D&I department works on a continuous search of flavors which is translated into a wide range of specialties unique in the market.

Thanks to this work we have different ranges of innovative and distinguishing products, such as our low salted productst, BIO or the most modern and edgy range: Olive You, a sub-brand of El Faro directed towards the public which is looking for more modern and innovative products and flavors.

Starting from an origin deeply settled in tradition, we put our heart and soul together with the knowledge of our technicians into the elaboration of new recipes, contributing in such way to expand the valuable heritage of ancestral recipes that we use to make our products.

El resultado de este proyecto es que actualmente las referencias de aceitunas que más venta tienen, así como los nuevos lanzamientos, son PRODUCTOS CON CONTENIDO REDUCIDO EN SAL.

Certificaciones de calidad

Los casi 50 años que Faroliva SL lleva en el mercado la convierten en una empresa consolidada en la fabricación, distribución y comercialización de aceitunas y encurtidos.

La empresa dispone de las certificaciones IFS (International Food Standard), BRC (British Retail Consortium) e ISO 22000: 2005 que garantiza al consumidor altos niveles de calidad y seguridad alimentaria.

Por otro lado, cuenta con el certificado ISO 9000: 2008 que asegura una calidad en la gestión de todos sus procesos.

El compromiso de la empresa con el medio ambiente queda reflejado a través de la certificación de la norma ISO 14000: 2004 mediante la que Faroliva SL asume el compromiso de hacer compatible el desarrollo económico con la protección del medio ambiente. Esta responsabilidad consiste en la puesta en marcha y el mantenimiento de un Sistema de Gestión Medioambiental Integrado que permite cumplir con la legislación vigente, con los requisitos de dicha gestión y contribuir, al mismo tiempo, a la prevención de la contaminación.

La regulación del Consejo de Agricultura Ecológica de la Región de Murcia, para el distinto desarrollo de productos ecológicos, y la certificación MSC Chain of Custody Standard, que le otorga la capacidad para la elaboración de productos obtenidos de la pesca sostenible son otras acreditaciones que avalan la Calidad de la oferta de Faroliva SL.

Faroliva around the world